Elegant Door sign

Elegant Door sign

Door signs are vary important equipment of each building. Door signs facilitate orientation in the office, hotel or any other building.

On door sign we can engrave any content, names and surnames, names or numbers of rooms.

We offer several methods of making door signs. We can use engraving laminate and engrave content on it. Engraving laminate is available in colours: gold, silver, black and white. Another method is a door sign made of engraving laminate with acrylic underlay. This door sign gives a very original and elegant appearance.

All of our door signs are very aesthetic and very durable. We use only proven materials from the best suppliers from Polish and Austria. We focus on the highest quality of services. Satisfied customers are our priority.

Below you can see some sample photos of door signs we made:




On the underside of plate you will find glued foam mounting tape. Very convenient solution that is well suited for mounting on smooth and medium-rough surfaces. The tape is also intended for outdoor use so you can safely install it on building. Just take off the protective film tape and stick the label to the previously clean and degreased surfaces.


We can make door signs in variety of shapes and sizes. If you can not find signs in the proper size, shape or colour, please contact us via e-mail: elgraw@gmail.com. We'll find a solution.

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