Engraved hotel key fobs

Suitable for hotels, B+B’s or guest houses, high quality engraved hotel key fobs. Made to really ensure your hotel or guest house is completely equipped. These top quality engraved hotel key fobs can be fully personalised. Forget about boring numbers!You can now have your own text, logo or whatever you want on your new engraved hotel key fob. Furthermore, our engraved hotel key fobs are finished off with great quality materials to secure your keys and ensure an exceptionally stable product for constant use in reception.

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- Laminate hotel key fobs - thick: 1,6 mm and 1,6 mm LARGE, 3,2 mm and 3,2 mm LARGE - laser engraved in high quality materials.

- Acrylic hotel key fobs and also in LARGE size - also laser engraved in great quality acrylic glass (Plexiglas).

- Laminate hotel key fobs WOOD and also in LARGE size - laser engraved in high quality laminate with wooden colour.

- Acrylic hotel key fobs CUT and also in LARGE size - content on key fob is made by laser cuttig. 

- Hotel key fobs PRESTIGE - visible center made of transparent acrylic glass covered with engraving laminate.

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Regardless of whether it is a hotel key fob or advertising key fob this kind of product should be durable and aesthetical. Thanks to this it will serve for many years, helping to improve the company's image. You can personalise your hotel key fobs in a range of styles. Choose between engraved hotel key fobs of different shapes and colours. With no minimum order and a fast efficient service for replacement orders, replacements are never far away and easy to obtain if required.

We offer hotel key fobs made by laser cutting and laser engraving. It will definitely meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. All types of hotel key fobs are designed to perfectly fit into any interior. For each key fob we add a metal ring for hanging the keys.

We have many years’ experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

If you are interested in a different shape or colour, ask about its availability by sensing us an email.