Engraved notebook calendars

Engraved notebook calendars

As you all can se we engrave in variety materials. Many people do not realize how many items or materials can be marked using laser engraving. Laser engraving is very precise type of marking and allows to engrave even the most small parts.

Here we want to present you engraved notebook calendars made by our comapny. Notebook calendars are necessary part of "office life" but they don't need to be boring, ugly or simple. Engraved notebook calendar can be also a great idea for a gift, not only for employees

. Engraved notebook calendar is a very interesting way to create a corporate gadget. On the calendar, we can engrave your company logo, name of the person to who will belong calendar and many other content. Engraved notebook calendars marked that way you can give to your employees or your regular customers.

We can create an individual engraver, entirely chosen by the customer. For each order we prepare a graphic project and send to customer's acceptance. So each customer will be sure that his engraved notebook calendar will look exactly how they want to. Calendar covers can be made of leather (as you can see on photos below), felt or other materials.

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