Laser cutting and laser engraving

Laser cutting and laser engraving

We provide laser cutting and laser engraving services for many years. We use Australian CO2 laser. We offer professional services at the highest level. Our priority is happy and satisfied customers. The field work of our laser is 60cmx 60cm. We can engrave and cut many materials of different thicknesses.

Our CO2 laser is extremely durable and aesthetic method of marking. Our laser machine is very precise, so we can engrave even the smallest and very complex components.

Laser cutting ensures precise and accurate processing of the material. The use of laser cutting allows cutting of spectacular shapes and create unique effects.

We can work with variety of materials:

- acrylic (plexiglass)

- engraving laminate

- wood, plywood

- glass, ceramics

- leather and leather-like materials

- Fixed steel, anodized/coated metals

- felt

and many others.

Laser engraving and laser cutting allows to create unique and one-of-a-kind items. Personalised products are perfect gifts. For such purposes we create engraved diplomas, trophies and engraved in custom products chosen by the customer. For each product we can put any content, dedication or graphics.

We specialize in designing engraving on the individual customer's order.

We can also mark company gadgets like: pens, calendars, mugs, etc. We can put there a company logo or personal details of employees. 

Laser engraving is characterized by a relatively short time of production so that, orders can be sent to the customer the next day, after accepting the project.

Below you will find some pictures of products we marked using cutting and laser engraving.

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