Laser cutting and engraving services

We have years of experience in laser cutting and laser engraving. We offer our services on the market for many years and we have a lot of satisfied customers in all over the world. We use only high quality CO2 laser machines and we can cut and engrave almost any type of material. Most popular materials used are: glass, acrylic, engraving laminate, paper, leather, stainless steel, felt, wood and many others.

The CO2 laser we use is a very precise machine. With this laser we can engrave and cut even very small and complicated parts. Laser cutting and laser engraving give more originality and uniqueness to each object. Every engraved object is very elegant and engravings are very precise. Additionally it gives the objects some individual characteristics. You can put on your object all content you want including graphics and texts.

We use this method of marking to mark variety of objects: corporate gadgets, gifts, etc.

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Laser engraving on every material has a different effect.

Engraving in wood gives a very interesting effect of burnout. Engraving emphasizes the structure of the wood and gives a very natural look. All engravings in glass have a white colour. It gives a subtle, elegant and delicate effect.

We offer engraving both individual and wholesale items. 

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