Commemorative plates

We design and produce engraved commemorative plates on various occasions. We also produce engraved tombstones. We engraved on stainless steel and engraving laminates of the highest quality, resistant to poor weather conditions such as rain or snow. Our tombstones and commemorative plates guarantee the highest quality and durability.

Deadlines are set individually according to customer requirements. Valuation is also prepared individually. Do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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We design plaques of all sizes. Each commemorative plate and tombstone is prepared according to individual customer needs. When you submit content to the table, we will send you a quote by e-mail and our graphic designer will prepare a graphic project for your approval. We can engrave any text and graphics, including the emblems and photographs. Concerned about the needs of our customers, we try to look all the plaques were appropriately matched to the location where you want to put them.

Tombestones from our offer:

Rectangular tombstones - made from the highest quality laminates. Content on the board engraved CO2 laser, so that the inscription remains legible for a very long time.

Shield tombstones - also laser-engraved in the laminate engraving of very high quality. Laminate is resistant to adverse weather conditions and will remain in its original form for a long time.

On the tombstone we can put any ornaments, even if you do not find them in our designs. All tombstones have a choice of different designs and colors. However, if none of the options appeal to you, please contact us by email with more information about tombstone you want to order. We are convinced that together we will prepare a proper tombstone. 

Commemorative plates are that kind of plate you can put everywhere. In our company some king of commemorative plates have gained particular attention, for example: commemorative plate to churches or monuments.