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Engraved Wood Diplomas and Certificates

  • Engraved Wood Diplomas and Certificates
Engraved diplomas on wooden base are elegant, beautifully made and lasting gift that is ideally suited as a souvenir, thank you gift or a reward.

The best materials are used for the production.The use of engraving laminates in golden or silver colours makes the diplomas look very modern and elegant.Primer MDF imitating wood fits in with the whole concept.

The dimensions of the diploma are 200x250 mm.The chosen size makes it ideal for every occasion.The size of the diploma allows you to place several lines of text, as well as some interesting graphics.Projects for implementation are carried out according to predefined templates, but there is the opportunity to design a diploma according to the client’s own concept.

The diplomas can combine different manufacturing techniques.One of the additional options that we offer is the 3D elevated element made ​​in different colors. The use of colored or transparent Plexiglas, covered with colored foil produces a very interesting effect.

If you are looking for a durable and stylish souvenirs an engraved diploma on the wooden bases is right for you.

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