Engraved laminate hotel key fobs

Engraved laminate hotel key fobs

Engraved laminate hotel key fobs for hotel

Our engraved key fobs are made of durable abrasion-resistant material which keeps the content readable over many years of use. Suitable for hotels, B+B’s or guest houses high quality bonded hotel key fobs.

Here you can see elegant laminate key fobs for Hard Rock Hotel with engraved content on it. Plate size is about 60 x 40 mm. Here we used 4 colours of laminate: black - with white engraved letters and white, silver, gold with black engraved letters and logo. 

You can fully personalise your hotel key fobs in a range of styles, such as engraved content or different shapes. Choose between hotel key fobs of different shapes and colours. Every set includes also metal key rings. We use only high quality and very durable materials so that our products will serve our clients through many years.

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