Engraved name badges for employees

Engraved name badges for employees

Name badge is an integral part of employee's look in such places as hotels, shops, restaurants and office reception. They greatly facilitate communication with the customer, and even care about the good image of workers.

Name badges for employees are made by using a CO2 laser and engraved in laminate in various colors. In the pictures you can see what they look like our projects in colors: gold, silver and black. As can be seen, these name badges have replaceable plate with content - engraved or paper. A paper version is slightly cheaper and you can easily replace it if necessary, by printing new employee data in your workplace. You can choose other option - engraved plate (made of the same laminate as name badge). This item requires additional payment, but it looks much more elegant and it is more durable. We don't need to worry that the replacement will cause any damage.

Name badges made of laminate are very popular and do not require a lot of work while maintaining their original appearance. To clean them you simply have to wipe them with a cloth soaked in water or a mild detergent.

The set also comes with a fastening element: safety pin or magnet.

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