Acrylic House Signs 3D LED

  • Acrylic House Signs 3D LED

Acrylic House Signs 3D LED 


Width: 30cm
Height: 20cm
rozmiar 30x20 cm


Basis: 3mm thick acrylic glass
Graphics: Black acrylic glass - 3D effect

Colour of acrylic glass:

  • Przezroczyste

Graphics colour:

  • Szary


Szerokość: 30cm
Wysokość: 20cm
rozmiar 30x20 cm


Podstawa: Pleksi o grubości 3mm
Grafika: Pleksi koloru czarnego dająca efekt 3D

Kolor pleksi:

  • Przezroczyste

Kolor grafiki:

  • Szary

You can choose 1 montage option: 1 montage option.

Available mounting options:

4 holes + 4 screws or 2 holes + 2 screws

We will make in plate 4 or 2 holes and we will add 4 or 2 chrome mounting screws. Pins for mounting are selected depending on the type of substrate. The hole diameter is 8 mm.


4 holes + 4 clamps

We will make in plate 4 holes. Such a finish will be perfect when you want to put plate for example to fence. We will add set of 4 UV-resistant black clamps. The holes can also be used for mounting plate using screws or other decorative pins. The hole diameter is 8 mm.

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Realizowana od 3-5 dni roboczych. Cena standardowej wysyłki to 16 zł bruttto.

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